Annalena Bludau

For years now the Bremen based musician Annalena Bludau has been travelling and playing and singing her songs full of sublime simplicity and poetic melancholy. Touring Europe she has shared the bill with artists such as Holly Golightly, Billy the Vision & the Dancers, Slow Club, Czesław Śpiewa, Binoculers, Geoff Farina, Seth Faergolzia (Dufus), Nicolai Schorr, Björn Kleinhenz, John Houx, Ben Weaver among many others. Within the past decade Annalena Bludau’s songs have become a scene for the emancipation of an artist, mending their former deremption into a rolling, ploughing, climbing and falling monotony. Hauntingly simple melodies hover, unfold and come to rest upon her repetitive yet finely nuanced guitar picking style, borrowed from American traditional folk music. The focus of both her live performance as well as the songs of her debut album „In The Black/Two-Spirit II“, to be released through the Hamburg based record label Insular Music in November 2013, is on reduction as a part of the search for a true and sounding song.